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This is a short post about Chase Durer watches, a watch company from Beverly Hills, CA., that was founded in 1993 by Marianne Chase and Brandon Chase together with their Swiss partner Stefan Durer. 

I had personally never heard of Chase Durer until I saw their name mentioned on several watch forums. As a result, I haven’t had the opportunity to test a Chase Durer watch personally. Still, since these watches seem to be quite popular/ sought after, I decided to do some research on the brand and give you a roundup of what I found. 

Let’s go! 

Chase Durer origins and pricing

The goal of Chase Durer has always been to create top-quality, reliable watches for civilian and military pilots at an affordable price. 

After extensive research on their target market, Chase Durer introduced several prototypes of pilots’ watches and gave them to professional flyers. 

The reaction they received was very positive, and once they had received enough feedback, the first models went into production. 

In order to produce affordable watches with Swiss movements, Chase Durer did away with the high-profit margin structure typically found in other Swiss watch brands. 

As you may know, profit margins for expensive Swiss watches are usually in the range of 35-40%. What this means is that prices are artificially inflated. 

Chase Durer, on the other hand, kept their profit margins quite low and passed on the benefit of that to their customers. This way, they could still make excellent quality watches but at a fair price. 

But how good are Chase Durer watches actually? 

Here are some opinions about Chase Durer I found in from several watch forums. 

You’ll love it.” 

“Well-made with excellent fit and finish, reliable, robust/durable, and aesthetically pleasing to look at.”

“I’ve had 0 problems and have been extremely impressed with the quality.”

“They’re pretty robust and utilizes Swiss movements. Go for it, cheers!” 

“They’re top watches, but you do need to present your SAS membership card before they sell you one.”

“They all were good build quality and ran without any problems. I’d have another.”

From the comments, it looks like Chase Durer watches are really good! 

Here are some short common questions/ answers that I found during my research.  

What is the Chase Durer Abyss 1000? 

Officially known as the Chase-Durer Men’s 225.2BX1 Abyss 1000 Professional Watch, this watch features a polished stainless steel case, band, and bezel. The movement is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic 25 jewel precision movement. You can find more information here.

Chase Durer Air Combat Team

This is a chronograph. More information in the pdf from Chase Durer themselves, here.

Chase Durer Combat Command

This is also a chronograph. More information about it here

Chase Durer authorized dealers / Where to buy chase-durer watches

Here’s a list of the places (online) where you can buy Chase Durer watches. 

As you can see, I didn’t find a lot of places where you buy new Chase Durer watches today. Furthermore, the dealer page on Chase Durer’s website is a dead link. This brings us to the next questions. 

What happened to Chase Durer? / Is Chase Durer still in business?

Since there are no dealers mentioned on Chase Durer’s website and since their “support” page is also offline, I’m suspecting that there may be a problem. 

I will contact them directly and update this post once I know more. 

For the moment, this short roundup is all I could find on the Chase Durer brand. 

Be sure to check back soon to find out what is going on with the brand. I will post it here. 


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